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Judge’s Commentary*:

"I love Anne Du Lac and the King’s Birthright, and I was sorely disappointed to reach the end! Anne is a wonderfully spunky and smart heroine. . . "

-- Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"Delicious reading, amazing and involving setting, interesting characters which includes the clever and brave Anne du Lac and her phenomenal adventures. Its just irresistible and I couldn't stop reading. The authors did a great job captivating the readers with some familiar concepts like King Arthur's legacy and the Sword Excalibur, but in an entirely new, fresh and creative story. An instant classic ! I can't wait for the next one !"

Marcel Gullo de Oliveira

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It propelled me back in time to ancient England. I would recommend this book to all who love the tales of ancient times."

Linda Robinson

"This was a great read. I don't read many historical books but I love this book.  Anne Du Lac is just a daughter of a fisherman that gets caught up in an adventure after just telling to help her family. After being framed stealing the 'King's Birthright' and then losing it. Captain Edmond takes her prisoner and has her join him and his soldiers in the search for the 'King's Birthright' so they can get to the treasure and Excalibur before someone else.  I love the way the authors were able to pull me into the story and the parts that made me laugh were a nice touch. I can't to see what happens next to Anne and hopefully she doesn't get into much trouble."

Stephanie VO

About Anne Du Lac and the King's Birthright...

Excalibur, King Arthur’s legendary sword, has been missing for over eight hundred years.

Now, in fifteenth-century Britain, Anne du Lac, a teenage peasant girl, lives a simple life with her family. She is head strong and savvy, but also loyal to her family, which means that she must  accompany her blind, fisherman father on the ocean every day, while yearning for the type of adventure that comes to those granted a higher station in life.

Anne's dreams soon become reality when she is accused of the theft of the King’s Birthright, one of three carved stones that together lead to Excalibur, King Arthur's broadsword, along with a great treasure.


Anne is taken prisoner by the handsome and smart Captain Edmond, an heir to the kingdom’s vacant throne. Edmond and his men bring Anne on a quest to locate the sword and the treasure. Standing in Anne and Edmond's way is Lambert, the Butcher of Delney, an evil pretender to the throne.

The fate of the nation hangs in the balance...


First in a series of Anne Du Lac Mysteries, only $2.99 to download from Amazon. Also available in paperback. Get your copy now!

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