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Anne Du Lac and the King’s Birthright by Lon Torman and Rebecca Carroll

This could be a painting. I couldn’t guess the time period from the cover, but I’m not surprised to see it’s medieval fantasy. Alluding to King Arthur & Excalibur, you can practically see the quest coming. You don’t know who this Anne character is, but you know (from the light of dawn, her hand pushing towards the sword) that she’s about to do something Arthurian mythology frowns on. Who she is, and why she’s there with the most famous sword in the world are all questions you’ll only get answered by picking up the book. The title font, both title fonts, are pretty familiar in fantasy lit. Great cover.

Librarian Robin Bradford has developed a following on Twitter for her book cover tweets (under the#collectiondevelopment hashtag), where she posts book covers and discusses why they work—or don’t. asked her to choose the five best covers of independently-published books for the past month and talk a bit more about why she thinks these covers are successful.

Read on to see what she chose! And come back in November for the next installment of Judging You:

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